About me:

Gratefulness and joy

Welcome on my website! 😊 

Helping others is my passion & mission and therefore I have opened my own practice where I am offerring following: 

1. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction training of 8 weeks

2. Reiki II treatment for people 

3. Reiki II treatment/ communication with pets






I am GRATEFUL for everything I have and do not have - therefore I appreciate life more. I am JOYFUL.

I am GRATEFUL for being HAPPY because I am fully present while enjoying everything around me.

Life is a beautiful thing if you know how to take a step back/ aside and watch everything around you without being judgmental. 

You ARE a gorgeous soul who deserves all the happiness and JOY in the world!!!

Who am I? 

Hi 🤗, I am Anna, a happy old soul and I am here to help you.
My motto is "Do what makes YOU happy". And what makes me happy is helping others so they feel better about themselves. How do I do that? 
I am a certified MBSR (MINDFULNESS) trainer as well as  REIKI II  (for people and pets) practitioner. 

This is my passion ❤️. 

Who are you?

You would like to feel HAPPY but you just do not know how. Maybe you feel stressed at work or at home, or you may have a feeling that something is missing in your life...whatever it is, it is standing in the way between you and your state of mind of happiness.

In my Gratefulnessandjoy practice, I will provide you with all necessary tools you need so you can find your way to reach happiness.

Different mindfulness meditations where you will learn how to master your thoughts together with the reiki treatment where your chakra's will be balanced is a great combination which will bring your mind and body back to basic. You will feel more relaxed and mindful towards yourself and others. You will feel HAPPY. 

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Meditation

Jon Kabat-Zinn reminds us, “mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and without judgment.” 
That sounds easy, right? Well, it is not. Our thoughts are always in motion, our feelings and physical sensations are constantly changing. That is completely normal.  
The art is to let go of the automatic reactions on every kind of situation and rather to chose to make a conscious choice every time. Also remember, that not every situation needs your reaction. This will allow you to enjoy your life more and that will make you HAPPIER.

In the mindfulness training of eight weeks, I will provide you with all the necessary tools you need in order to apply mindfulness in your daily life. With these tools and your practice where every moment is a new  start, you will consciously make your own choice at any time and will no longer react from your learned patterns.

Reiki II

REIKI means universal (rei) life energy (ki). According to Reiki teachings, the following five affirmations are the key to a JOYFUL life:

  • Today I'm not worried.
  • Today I am not angry.
  • Today I honor my parents, elders and teachers.
  • Today I work in an honest way.
  • Today I respect all that lives.

On the next page you will find more information about how I give my Reiki treatment.

Reiki II treatment

With the Reiki II treatment I balance your aura and all 10 chakras for you so you feel relaxed and in connected with yourself. 

It is very important to me that YOU feel comfortable and that you are 100% yourself while receiving this reiki treatment from me. And to make it easier for you, I use a comfortable treatment table, I put on some quiet music and I may light an incense if you like. You can just relax and enjoy this fine treatment.

I hold my hands above your chakras and do not touch your physical body. I stand open to the beautiful universal energy that flows through my hands towards your charkas. I give extra energy to those chakras where I feel certain blockages. You don't have to do anything.

After the treatment we will do a short debriefing about how it went as well as how I can help you further in the future and what you can do yourself.

I am here to help you 😊!

Reiki/ communication with pets

With the Reiki treatment I balance the aura and all important chakras of your pet so that he / she feels comfortable in her/ his own skin again.

I first do a short visual meditation in which I ask your sweetheart if I can give this treatment to her/him. If so, I'll start.

I hold my hands above your cutie's chakras and do not touch her/his body. I open up to the beautiful universal energy that flows through my hands towards her/his chakras. I give extra energy to those chakras where I feel certain blockages. Your beautiful 'baby' doesn't have to do anything. He / she can simply enjoy this fine treatment.

During the Reiki session it often happens that I receive certain emotions from your precious pet. These emotions create a telepathic COMMUNICATION whereby I can observe his/her thoughts and/or feelings and pass them on to his/her owner.

After the treatment we will do a short debriefing about how it went as well as how I can help your pet further in the future and what you can do yourself.

Certificates & Diploma's:

  • Psychology 
  • Organizational Psychology (HR)
  • Career coach 
  • Reiki I & II 
  • Energy Therapist
  • Animal Reiki Master  
  • Communication With Animals 
  • Working With Your Intuition & Spiritual Guides   
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Trainer 
  • Pendulum And Angels 
  • Sound Therapy & Sound Healing
  • Spiritual Healing Advisor, Coach & Medium  
  • Healing energetic blockages in the Akashic Records
  • Past Life; Past Life Regression Spiritual Course 
  • Between Lives Regression Therapy; Advanced Past Lives | Hypnosis & hypnotherapy based BLR spiritual healing
  • Reiki Master - ongoing

I am a certified member of the MYVN union. 


Mindfulness & Yoga Verbond Nederland


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training of 8 weeks:

  • 120 min. for EUR 70,- a week;
  • This price is based on a mandatory participation of 8 weeks.

Reiki II treatment:

  • 75 min for EUR 70,- *

        *Inclusive a short intake, meditation and debriefing. 

Reiki II treatment/ communication with your lovely pet:

  • 45 min for EUR 40,-*

       *Inclusive a short intake, treatment and debriefing;

  • Reiki treatment for pets will be given at its loving owner 's place in the area of Heemstede/ Haarlem.

Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Google and Apple Pay are accepted. 

All prices are inclusive VAT.  

Address & Information:

Landzichtlaan 47, Heemstede

KVK: 85466336

Social Media:
Instagram: gratefulnessandjoy